Welcome to our very first Podcast!  

You love teaching and interacting with your Students, but running a business requires much more than that. Being a business owner can be lonely and many times overwhelming. This Podcast series will give you actionable steps for the business side of your Art teaching.   We will focus on your Mindset, so you can become the Creative Boss, because you did not start your business to give yourself another job. We will also cover the Marketing side of your Business, namely how to Attract, Sign-up and keep Students, which I named ASK Marketing. Everything you do in your Marketing needs to serve one of these 3 elements. And lastly, we will also give you knowledge about finances and operations, so you become ready to grow your business and become a true leader.

In the first few episodes we will talk to different successful Independent Art teachers who will tell us what works for them and what mistakes they made.

They are all different but have 3 things in common:

  • a well-defined target market,
  • an open ear to what their customers need
  • constant engagement with them

Our first interview is with Julie Soul, owner of Soul Sparklettes Art. She offers lesson plans to teachers and homeschooling parents. She turned an ugly business situation into a 5-figure membership launch in January. She gave so many good tips that we decided to break the interview into a 2-part series.

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