Hi, I am Julia,

I teach Creative Studio Owners actionable Marketing to turn their love of teaching into a successful business.

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Hi, I am Julia, founder of EverCreating. 
I am a Crafty Gal from the Corporate world. 

My mission for you is simple: to bridge the gap in your Art Teaching Business between being a Teacher to becoming a confident Business Owner and building Success along the way.

I bring a fresh, outside perspective to you as a Marketing Professional, Student, and Parent. The Marketing basics and the Customer decision-making process are the same across industries.
I worked with dozens of Art Studios, studied about 100, and picked out what makes them successful. Then, I filtered it through my 20 years of marketing experience and added my student perspective from taking many art classes.

I combined all the research into tips and techniques that allow you to: CONSISTENTLY attract new Students, enroll those students in your Classes, and turn them into raving fans that stay for years.

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